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Do you want to organize an unforgettable event?
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Ladydance Alina Barkovskaya is not only a certified dance teacher and choreographer, she's also a professional dancer and international performer! Ladydance creates unforgettable SHOWS, inspires and celebrates the beauty of femininity, dedicating her art to everyone. Many years of experience in collaboration with wide range of dance schools, clubs, idividual clients and art agencies are a guarantee of the unique sensation. Ladydance offers a spectacular, astonishing, ravishing dance performances at events such as: weddings, hen parties, birthday parties, anniversaries, New Year's Eve, banquets, exhibitions, concerts, corporate events, festivals etc etc. The unique ambiance, elegant costumes and irresistible music sounds take viewers to a mysterious and fabulous world of the Dance Show and let them experience unforgettable moments! Ladydance offers wide range of Oriental Belly Dance performancies, such as:

Arabic pop - dance to contemporary music, which brings a joyful and casual atmosphere.
Dancing with the veil - veil is the most popular of the props. Airy and colorful veil emphasizes the movements of the belly dancer. Unfailingly brings an oriental spirit.
Dynamic drum solo - the belly dancer uses her spectacular dance skills to interpret the music played on drums. Very expressive and full of energy, a great choice to start the event.
Spectacular show with Isis wings - a perfect choice for the final. Gold wings make an electrifying impression on the audience and take them into the land of fairy tales.
Fantasy dance with other props - performance art with all kinds of gadgets: undying candles, tambourine, fairy fan-veils, enchanting poi-veil, assaya stick.
Folclore Belly Dance - wide range of entertaining traditional eastern dances: melaya laff, khaleegy, beledi, saidi, shaaby, iraqi, muwashahat, oriental song.
Bollywood dance - Indian video clip and movie dance, ravishing, exciting and very dynamic.

To meet the expectations of existing and potential customers, Ladydance has enriched her show dance offer with other dance styles, including Burlesque, sexy LATINO show dance, Hula - Hawaiian dance and Brazilian Samba Axe.

Every performance is carefully prepared, all the details are firstly discussed and the dance program is 100% siutable to the Client's needs. Satisfaction guaranteed!

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