about me

Ladydance - Alina Barkovskaya - is a certified professional dancer, teacher and performer. In 2015 in cooperation with Conseil International De la Danse (CID) and UNESCO Alina received a state title of sports instruktor in dance, specialization: belly dance, which is a proof of professional qualifications possesion as a Sports Instruktor at the international level 3. Ladydance is a talented choreographer of feminin dance styles and award-winning bellydancer. She has also one more secret passion for... make up arts and dance costumes design.

Since always I remember myself dancing. I took my the very first dance class when I was 4 years old. At the age of 6, I started performing in a children's modern dance group. After moving to Russia at the age of 10, I started to train professional ballroom dancing. In 2003 I permanently moved to Poland, but never gave up my passions. The first years in Poland were overflowing with fitness, yoga and aerobics. But in 2006 I fell in love with oriental dance. After 2 years of learning, I became a bellydance teacher. I still constantly learn from the most distinguished international teachers, the living legends of bellydance, such as: Tito Seif, Sadie Marquardt, Lubna Emam, Khaled Mahmoud, Mohamed Kazafy, Camelia of Cairo, Yael Zarca, Suraiya Ibrahim, Karim Nagi, Jamilah, Abir of Poland. I gained my dance skills internationally: in Poland, Turkey, Egypt and Russia.

All my knowledge and skills I'm trying to pass to bellydance lovers. During my classes and workshops I focus on students needs so everyone can feel comfortable and be happy after a successful work out. I encourage everyone of you to express individuality and find your own dance style. Also private classes and workshops I lead, are not only a great opportunity for you to have fun, but also to improve your technical skills!

Find your own beloved style today!
Belly Dance
Shakira Style
Sexy Dance
Samba Brazil: Samba no p, Samba Ax, Samba Carnival Style on Heels
High Heels & Catwalk
Burlesque/Revue Dance
Chair Dance
Club Dance
Show Dance
Fitness Dance: bollywood fitness, arabian fitness, sexy style fitness
Latino Ladies Styling