welcome to my website

Welcome to my website!

I am a woman, and like any woman, I enjoy doing what I love with all my heart and passion.
Because passion makes anything possible!

Do you feel your job doesn't make you happy and you need a stepping stone?
Are you looking for a new life adventure?
Do you try to find a very pleasant way to stay fit and healthy?
Do you wanna meet new interesting people with similar passion and share positive energy with them?
Have you always dreamed about learning feminine dance moves?
If you have even one "yes" as an answer - you've stroke home!

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Alina Barkovskaya

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Oriental dance called mainly by Europeans as Belly dance comes from the Middle East and North Africa. Most sources say Egypt is the root of it, because a lot of well-known and highly respected dancers come from this country. Currently, Oriental dance is becoming increasingly popular also in Europe. This dance is based on the harmony of hips, stomach and arms movements. It relaxes and tones the muscles, develops awareness of your body. Also is an excellent training and the opportunity to get rid of stress and complexes. Very feminine that is why you can dance it regardless of age, shape or fit form. Belly dance allows you to discover your charm, to accept your body and to express the feminine nature.

This is a course of classes designed for women who like to have fun with dynamic music and want to get measurable benefits of intense exercise while dancing. During our class we will make a good warm up with the rhythms of contemporary known hits. We'll get encouraged by groovy sounds, which recharge us with positive energy, grow us with enthusiasm about the dance and work out. Dance fitness is a combination of dance moves and aerobics. Thanks to an amazing amusement you can shape your slim form and hit a great mood. Just come and see for yourself that it is the best way to fight down boredom and laziness!

Also it is often called as Seductive dance. It is the dance that will help every woman discover the sensual nature, unique beauty and seducing talent. During the lesson, which consists: warm-up, choreography and stretching, you will learn how to walk deftly (catwalk), some sensual dance routines and feminine grace. Delicate and sexy Seductive dance is a great way to model your slim fit and also is a form of artistic expression. But above all it's a huge fun with the music, which gives you a lot of joy and satisfaction. You can join the class regardless of age and body type!

Burlesque is the perfect solution for women who do not want to be limited to one form of dance. It combines elements of cabaret, musical, ballet, and jazz dances. During the class you will learn how to use your innate charm and feel like a star of revue. Show the world your style, elegance and sex appeal. More than technique counts your expression, character, personality and temperament. Choreography consists of movements and poses suited to the musical accents and melodies. All this you will have in a sensuous atmosphere, surrounded by cylinders, fans, plumage, sticks and chairs. With this type of dance, you can show your advantages, best assets, desire, sexuality and liberation.

It is a dance style for women who want to show their skills in modern dance clubs which play house, dance and techno music. It is a mix of dance styles such as jazz, hip hop, salsa, sexy dance, waacking, popping. This dance comes from the culture of mass events, music festivals and clubs such as Pacha from Ibiza. Club Dance is not a set of learned dance routines, but the ability to feel the style, improvise and enjoy the music! The technique of the dance can help you to feel very confident and feminine at each and every club event. Club Dance is very dynamic, energetic and seductive at the same time. You do not have to sweat getting bored while hours of training in the gym. Come, take a risk, some courage and enthusiasm to learn Club Dance with fantastic club music, as a result a good mood and the effects of exercise are guaranteed!

Carnival all year round? Why not! Do you want to feel like a sexy Brazilian dancer? There is nothing more easier! Let the hot and tempting dance born in Brazil move you to the rhythm of the SAMBA. During classes you will learn basic steps (no pe), Brazilian grace and sensual dance choreographies. You will deffinitely love this style and become addicted!

Super popular dance class that combines elements of latino style and belly dance. A short but dynamic choreos to the songs of well-known singer Shakira will enable you to learn basic belly dancing figures combined with electrifyingly sexy salsa steps, sexy dance and reggaeton. Do you want to learn the most recognizable Shakira's moves? Shakira style is just perfect for you, try it and feel like a star!

Are you a volcano of energy? Do you like to dance with passion and enthusiasm? Do you love lively leisure activities? If yes, Bollywood style dance is totally for you. It is mixture of moves from the Indian Bollywood movies and music videos. Ii is a unique and energizing blend of traditional Hindi dance techniques, belly dancing and disco dance. It is characterized by a very expressive movements and emotions shown by mime. Come over and feel the taste of contemporary Bollywood dance with a touch of femininity!